Tulle Fabric Portraits by the Great Benjamin Shine

Benjamin Shine Elizabeth 7

Benjamin Shine is the type of creative who makes something completely original no matter what he lays his hands on. Currently he is making astoundingly accurate portraits using tulle fabric as his medium – the same type of material used in a ballerina’s dress. By pleating and pressing the fabric he plays with its intrinsic translucent and opaque qualities as it is layered ever thicker. As if this work wasn’t challenging enough, he goes one step further by using only one uncut piece of fabric for an entire portrait.

Shine got the idea for the technique when he considered the possibilities of “painting with fabric.” Now, he has amassed a large collection of works, many representing famous people from around the world: Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor and Andy Warhol to name a few.


Recently Shine displayed a large image called Hands of Time at London’s Design Week 2012. He is also collaborating with Givenchy on their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, creating a unique series of garments in which he reinterprets the labels religious iconography for made-to-order items available in their Haute Couture salons. See more of Shines extremely diverse body of work – including product design, fashion design and fine art – at benjaminshine.com.

Benjamin Shine Elizabeth 8

Benjamin Shine Sheikha Mozah 2


Benjamin Shine Diana 2

Benjamin Shine Sai Baba 1

Benjamin Shine Warhol 1

Benjamin Shine Warhol 2

Elizabeth Taylor, from fabric to portrait:

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