Robots and Donuts Join Forces

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Eric Joyner has made a name for himself over the past few years with his signature Robot and Donuts series of paintings. In his works, he depicts retro robots exploring and participating in a variety of activities… but somewhere in the painting donuts are incorporated. So, why Robots and Donuts? In his interview with Electix, Eric says:

“Upon deciding to become a gallery artist, I had to make some rules, or guidelines. They were as follows: 1 – I will only paint things I like, 2 – The subject(s) had to be something that I could paint for 30 years, and 3 – That people like it. Donuts & robots together make no sense. I find this interesting.”

Based in San Francisco, Eric has done work for Electronic Arts, Mattel Toys, Warner Brothers, Hasbro, Microsoft and became an illustrator for the San Francisco Chronicle. His work has been featured at dozens of galleries and won multiple awards. See more of his art at his webpage. [see_also]

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