Vintage Cameras Found with Old Film

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Vintage camera collector Chris Hugues was picking up another camera to add to his 300 plus collection. To his surprise, he found two packages of slides in the worn leather case. Taking a close look he found that the slides were taken by a French soldier from WWI. There were some photos of battle and unique images of the time period. Thus began a journey to “hunt” vintage cameras with undeveloped film still in the case or camera.


He visited garage sales, thrift shops and camera stores. His next find was at an antique mall: a Kodak Boxed Camera. The film the camera contained was over 60 years old and Chris acquired it for just $10. Developing the film himself, he was able to salvage 16 photos from the original film. His interest in searching for film was becoming an obsession.

In his travels, he has purchased more vintage cameras with over 50 rolls of film. He posts the type of camera, where he found it and the images on Below are some examples of the cameras and their prized contents.

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A Kodak Hawkeye Brownie purchased for $8 in Hamilton, Ontario:

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vintage photos discovered 7

A 1960 Yashica found at an antique flea market near Barrie, Ontario:

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vintage photos discovered 9

A Kodak Hawkeye Brownie purchased for $10 at an antique mall in St. Jacobs, Ontario:

vintage photos discovered 10

vintage photos discovered 11

A Brownie Target six-16 found in Niagara Falls, Ontario:

vintage photos discovered 12

vintage photos discovered 13

A Kodak Box Camera found during a roadtrip through Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:

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