Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food


While I will argue that not only hipsters take pictures of their food, I agree that this habit is getting a little out of hand. In fact, there is entire Tumblr called Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food dedicated to this strange phenomenon. Although I’m guilty of taking some food pics at restaurants here and there, looking back at them is never really thrilling, so it seems the only purpose of taking pictures of food is to show your friends what you’re eating which seems like a waste of time. I’m starting to miss the days when I had no idea what my friends from high school were eating for each meal, before I knew about every baby milestone of people I haven’t spoken to in years and probably never will again.


If you cooked the food yourself- boast all you want and post your food pics all over your food blog, but how many pictures of burgers and fries, sushi, and pad thai does one need? The reason to go to a restaurant used to be for good food with good company. The way that people are documenting every moment of their lives on Instagram makes me wonder how much of the things they are doing because they enjoy them and how much of them are so that they can show off their lives in the best possible light. Then they can look back through their photo albums to see all the wonderful things they’ve done anytime they aren’t doing something photo-worthy and feel bad about themselves. I do it myself, but if we were truly living in the moment and enjoying life, there would be no need to document every moment.

Above by Strattonlucy and below by Kain

Taken by strandedsoul

Taken by jhmmy

Taken by Briks

Taken by a-choir-at-the-shore

Taken by dilemmaemma

Taken by feelinglame

Taken by mitchharvick

Taken by jersker

Taken by alpacasnack

Taken by Nicola

↬ lostateminor

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