Boy With Muscular Dystrophy Lives Out His Dreams

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Most children have big dreams. Maybe they want to meet their favorite athlete or go to Disney Land or be a princess. But 12 year old Luka dreams of doing things that most children take for granted- basic things like walking, getting dressed, and feeding himself. Luka was born with the degenerative disease muscular dystrophy and has just enough control of movements in his hands to operate his electric wheelchair and hold a pen in his hand to draw. Slovenian photographer Matej Peljhan helped Luka’s dreams come true through this fun photography project. Rather than working some photoshop magic, he used real props to make Luka look like he was break dancing, skateboarding, swimming, shooting hoops, walking up stairs, and flying away with a red balloon!


It’s a well known fact that whatever challenges or obstacles you have successfully overcome are the strengths you have to help others in similar situations. Perhaps that is what drew Matej Peljhan to work with special needs children. After an accident with explosives at the age of 10, he lost his right arm and an eye and spent the rest of his secondary education undergoing painful medical treatment and rehabilitation. He first became a clinical psychologist, specifically helping children with special needs. Peljhan never allowed his disabilities to prevent him from doing amazing things, including competing in the Iron Man triathlon twice. He believes photography allowed him to express himself and helped him show the beauty of life. Peljhan and a close friend opened The Institute of Photographic Therapy where he offers workshops for people with special needs and spreads his zest for life and photography. See more of his work on his website.

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