Nickelodeon Nostalgia Art Show- It’s the ShizNICK!

1-Jim Rugg

What what what would you do if you could take a ride on a pie coaster or take home a piece of the Aggro Crag? Even if Nickelodeon’s amazing line up of 90’s game shows were still going strong, most of us would probably be too old to participate. But if you’re in the LA area this weekend you can re-live the portion of your childhood you spent glued to the TV watching Nickelodeon at iam8bit’s show It’s the ShizNICK! For their opening night extravaganza this Friday, April 18th, from 7-11pm they will have epic installations, music by DJ Lance, an animated GIF theater, refreshments by Bel-Sit and of course SLIME! RSVP on Facebook to attend this incredible event for all ages!


Featuring Nickelodeon inspired work by over 60 amazing artists, the show will be ongoing until May 5th, so you have plenty of time to make arrangements. See how these talented artists represent your favorites like Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern Life, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Ahh! Real Monsters, Doug, Pete & Pete, Spongebob Squarepants, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and even some shows from the SNICK line-up! I could totally see Lori Beth Denburg presenting It’s the Shiznick on Vital Information for Your Everyday Life! Enjoy this trip down memory lane with a small sample of the incredible things you will see at the show and stay tuned for updates to iam8bit’s Facebook page and website.

Above: Jim Rugg Below: Zac Gorman
02-Zac Gorman

Darick Maasen
3-Darick Maasen

Maxime Mary
3-Maxime Mary

Nan Lawson

Jorge R Gutierrez
4-Jorge R Gutierrez

Nicole Gustafsson
5-Nicole Gustafsson

Ben Butcher
6-Ben Butcher

Jim Mahfood
7-Jim Mahfood

Becky Dreistadt
8-Becky Dreistadt

Kyler Martz
9-Kyler Martz

Joe Vaux
10-Joe Vaux

Aled Lewis
11-Aled Lewis

John Harvatine IV
12-John Harvatine IV

Jude Buffum
Legends of the Hidden Temple

Sukho Lee
14-Suhko Lee

Amanda Visell
15-Amanda Visell

Zac Gorman
16-Zac Gorman

Zac Gorman
17-Zac Gorman

Via: TheMarySue, Huffington Post, and CartoonBrew

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