Losing Lotto Tickets Become Dream Purchases


Although I’m not an avid Lotto player, I have definitely bought a ticket here and there and imagined what my life might be like if I were that lucky winner, as I’m sure many of you have. I’ve even had my heart strings pulled with one of those gag gift fake winning lotto tickets. But back to reality, hardly anyone wins big, so there is a huge abundance of losing lotto tickets all over the world that represent the shattered dream lives of all the hopeful players. Artist couple Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was decided to give those abandoned tickets a new life in a series they call Ghost of a Dream. They have created collaged lotto ticket installations of all the ambitious items winners tend to buy, from Lamborghinis to Hummers, speed boats, dream homes, and of course, that perfect tropical vacation.


First, Eckstrom and Was wanted to make the most ridiculous vehicle that a rich person might buy, so they chose to replicate the Hummer H3, which took $39,000 worth of discarded lotto tickets to cover its massive dimensions. Next came the tropical island, which featured $29,000 in tickets and a “techno musak” made from casino recordings that plays from a speaker hung from the lotto ticket palm tree. Then the duo made a dining room for a dream home, followed by RC speedboats that they drove around yachts in South Beach. Check out the small collection here and the awesome video of Eckstrom and Was by Vice below, then head over to GhostofaDream.com to see more work by this talented team.











Via: Ohgizmo.com

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