How Fast the US Became Obese: Animated Map

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It’s no secret that the US has a weight problem, but do you know how fast the country got fat? I’ll be honest, when I first saw this map animated by The Atlantic, my jaw literally dropped when it reached the 2000s… many states explode from around 20% obesity to over 30%. In just my lifetime (I was born in 1980) the whole US has gone from a relatively thin country to a place where the norm in many areas is to be overweight to obese.



While this map from the CDC covers the years between 1985 and 2010, Gallop recently released their Well-Being Index of 189 metro areas in 2012, revealing that obesity rates in all but 2 areas were above 15%. If you live in Charlottesville VA or Boulder CO, you’re looking good (In the animated map, Colorado remains the only state in blue with less than 20% obesity). Below are the Gallop numbers for the least and most overweight areas. If you compare the lifestyles in these areas, it’s not hard to draw some very revealing conclusions.

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