Abstract Paintings by KwangHo Shin

KwangHo Shin 1

Korean artist KwangHo Shin recently made a colorful splash in the art world when he mysteriously posted his portfolio online, and little else. The young artist is based out of Yeongdeok, South Korea and studied art at Keimyung University. His work primarily focuses on people and their emotions, portrayed largely through abstract strokes of paint. What often pops through his wildly moving colors, are his subject’s expressive eyes.


His paintings are large in size and typically stand over over 6 ft tall, using primarily oil and acrylic paints to bring them to reality. This year he will exhibit his works at the ArtRaum Berlin Gallery from July 12-28, 2013. Check out more of his work on his Behance and Facebook pages.

KwangHo Shin 2

KwangHo Shin 3

KwangHo Shin 4

KwangHo Shin 6

KwangHo Shin 7

KwangHo Shin 8

KwangHo Shin 9

KwangHo Shin 10

KwangHo Shin 11

KwangHo Shin 12

KwangHo Shin 13

via l’acte gratuit

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