Stunning African Wildlife in Ink, Charcoal, & Oil

Elephant profile - Imgur

Born and raised in Africa, Lucas Grant has always felt a magnetism toward animals. This is completely obvious in each one of his stunning photorealistic renditions of some of the most beautiful creatures walking the Earth. Understanding the way the animals exist in their natural habitat, he uses ink, charcoal, and oil to capture the true essence of each one. Aside from the gorgeous creatures themselves, he is inspired by Nick Brandt, whom Grant claims “is possibly the greatest wildlife photographer/artist of all time.”


Mostly drawn from his own photographs, Grant has an amazing eye for capturing alluring shots then somehow making them even more astonishing as he re-creates them. He explains:

I have sold artworks to wildlife enthusiasts across the globe, and strive to hone my style and my skills through each new medium. My grounding in the bush, and my affinity for wildlife help me capture the ‘essence’ of the animal, by understanding the behaviour and habitat I strive to create an emotion around the artwork, not just a photographic reproduction. I will always be an African, and I will always keep this wild continent close to my heart, and close to my work.

To see more of his jaw-dropping animal art, check out his website, where you can find his contact information to commission a piece of your own.

Zebra Trio Drinking - Imgur

Zebra Herd Panorama - Imgur

Walk Away - Imgur

Three Zebras - Imgur

Thirst - Imgur

Sable skull study - Imgur

Kudu Bull portrait - Imgur

Gemsbok commission - Imgur

Head On - Imgur

Herd Drinking - Imgur

Kings - Imgur

Kudu Bull commission - Imgur

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