Delicious, Retro Animations from Colin Hesterly

Hammer and Hand Colin Hesterly

I’ll admit it: I’m a complete fiend for mid-century media. When it comes to, say, cartoons from that era, it’s hard to beat the warm nostalgic feeling you get from their positive, often childlike vibe, and optimistic outlook towards the possibilities of the future. So when I ran across these classy retro animations from Colin Hesterly, I couldn’t help but love each short tasty nugget of nostalgia.


Hesterly has thus far created 3 exceptional shorts, all with a distinct lean towards the style of early 50s animation coming out of the Disney studios. His latest, Hammer & Hand, again features the warm heavily atmosphered aesthetic and absolutely delicious sense of motion that finds its way into each of his films. It sees a manly steel worker, building a mysterious something bigger and better than himself.

Hesterly has won acclaim as an animator from peers around the world – notable here because each of these shorts are Vimeo Staff Pick selections. He has worked at studios such as Buck, Royale, and Imaginary Forces, and now plays a key roll at The Academy as Creative Director. See his three shorts, When I Grow Up, Hammer & Hand, and my personal favorite, World of Motion, below. You can follow him on Vimeo or Twitter.

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