The Silence of Dogs in Cars by Martin Usborne

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It’s no wonder that dogs have been labeled “man’s best friend.” Who else waits by the door excited as can be just because you’re coming home? Who else listens to all of your secrets and never tells a single soul? Dogs are amazing creatures and once they become a part of your family, you share an everlasting bond. Although it’s illegal in 14 states, many people still leave their beloved pets in their cars while running errands. UK based photographer Martin Usborne captures what those dogs might feel like in this beautiful, emotional set called The Silence of Dogs in Cars. Although the photos are not candid, as much time goes in to planning the location and finding the perfect vehicle and pup, Usborne captures those puppy dog eyes in a way that begs “Don’t leave me!”


According to his About section:

Martin’s key interest is man’s relationship to (other) animals. Although his imagery is sometimes dark – capturing the way in which we silence, control or distance ourselves from other animals – his pictures strive for a subtle humour.

Aside from taking beautiful photos of animals, Martin is on a mission to save as many as he can. He started a blog called A Year to Help where he has documented his trials and tribulations in saving animal lives, from insects to Dog Meat Trade rescues. You can check out more of dogs in cars on his website and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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