Mirror, Mirror- Selfies Painted on Wood

1 César Moreno

Ah, the bathroom mirror selfie: the most narcissistic digital relic of our time, although I can’t say it’s not fun to be on the receiving end. César Moreno, based in Cancun, Mexico, takes these selfies out of the digital realm with a new series called Espejito, Espejito (Mirror, Mirror). On 80 x 50cm wooden canvases, he paints sexy images of women snapping cell phone pics in the mirror. His unique style leaves the women looking like wooden marionettes, perhaps suggesting something deeper.


Espejito, Espejito was Moreno’s first solo exhibition and it was held in Mexico City on February 20th at Guru Gallery. Aside from his painting skills, Moreno does graphic design and illustration. He is creative director of golpeavisa and has done commissioned work for many clients including Rolling Stone, MTV, Adidas, and Nike. See more of Moreno’s work on Behance and deviantART; you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

2 César Moreno

3 César Moreno

4 César Moreno

5 César Moreno

6 César Moreno

7 César Moreno

8 César Moreno

9 César Moreno

10 César Moreno

11 César Moreno

Via: ufunk.net

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