Latte Fine Art by Barista Mike Breach

1 barista art Einstein

For most people a boring job leads to hours of life that you regret you’ll never get back, but barista Mike Breach seized the downtime at his hotel to master the art of Latte portraiture. A self-proclaimed “espressionist” he sees each latte as a unique palette and uses a bamboo skewer as a paintbrush, swirling espresso as paint on his milk foam canvas. The fact that the designs only last 3 minutes makes them more personal- it’s a unique experience for each customer. Currently employed by The Smile To Go, Breach’s designs surely send customers off with a smile. From rock stars, to extraterrestrials, to artists, and some of the most brilliant minds, Breach never runs out of ideas for his latte portraits.


In his video interview with Storyboard Tumblr (below) Breach explains, “I kind of want to be like Willy Wonka with coffee- make it interesting and fun for people; take the pretentiousness out of it, take the seriousness out of it.” Maybe one day he’ll have his own “Coffee Factory” with a latte waterfall and coffee cups growing from trees. See more of his incredible latte designs on baristart Tumblr.

2 barista art ET

3 barista art Yoda

4 barista art Salvador Dali

5 barista art Mihael Jackson

6 barista art kurt cobain

7 barista art Robo Cop

8 barista art William Shakespeare

9 barista art Jim Morrison

10 barista art Spock

11 barista art Snoop Lion

12 barista art Bob Marley


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