Water Map: A Flat Wood Sink Modeled After London

Julia Kononenko Water Map 1

Seemingly flat sinks are hot these days, with many designs being produced that have little or no conventional basin. For many people, that’s not too much of a problem – most of our water splashing happens in the shower anyway. Now Julia Kononenko, a designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine, has taken the flat sink concept in a new direction, creating a laminated wood block featuring a pattern of channels modeled after the streets of central London. When used, the (presumably slow flowing) water enters the channels and subtly travels to a drain hidden in the back.


Why London? Kononenko modeled her Water Map after the city for a specific reason: it was one of the main birthplaces of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Considering the massive industrial growth of that century was powered mainly by the dusty coal industry (Britain was by far the world’s largest coal exporter), it seems amusingly fitting that this sink could wash that dust off.

Kononenko’s other product design work is equally good looking. Her space saving Convertible Sofa shares the clean wooden aesthetic of her sink, converting quite simply from a sofa to a small table and 6 padded stools. Just the thing for a tiny apartment. You can see more of her work at kononenkoid.com or on Behance.

Julia Kononenko Water Map 3

Julia Kononenko Water Map 4

Julia Kononenko Water Map 5

Julia Kononenko Water Map 2

Julia Kononenko Water Map 6

Kononenko’s Convertible Sofa
Julia Kononenko Water Map 7

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