Rooms of Objects Explode Around Their Owners


What if all the inanimate objects that surround you one day took flight? France based photographer Cerise Doucede had that idea and has now brought it to life with style. Her series, titled Égarements and Quotidien, sees her subjects looking like they are a bit lost and disconnected from their physical environments. The trick behind these images isn’t Photoshop, she individually suspends objects on string and captures the image as it appears in real life.


The process typically takes about three days to set up. How does she choose the correct shot? She says: “I look for the decisive moment when the person in the photo starts to think about something else. And, at a particular moment, the dream takes over and then the whole décor surrounding the person comes to life.” Her work is a cross between fantasy and reality and she purposefully displays the strings in her work because she says “Otherwise it’s just a fictional or fantastical photo and I didn’t want that. I wanted a connection between reality and fiction.












Via Lostateminor

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