A Sketchbook of Paris from Illustrator Jason Brooks

Paris Sketchbook 7

There really isn’t any other city in the world like Paris. Full of beautiful architecture, wonderful cuisine and endless discovery, the city continues to enchant the many who come to partake in its aura. Award winning fashion illustrator Jason Brooks has just published a book entitled ‘Paris Sketchbook’ that captures the character of this special city and is full of elegant and glamorous illustrations.


Based in the United Kingdom, Brooks is most famously known for his works with the record label Hed Kandi. He did over 100 illustrations for their albums, which sold over 6,000,000 records. His work has meshed well with fashion magazines and his clients have included Vogue, Elle, Gucci and Cosmopolitan. His work has also extended to corporate clients such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Coca-Cola and the Ritz Hotels.

Paris Sketchbook is due out on April 16th on Amazon and will be his first book. Hopefully it will be the first of many to come. If you are interested to see more of Jason Brooks works, check out his website and Folio Art Agency.

Paris Sketchbook 2

Paris Sketchbook 3

Paris Sketchbook 4

Paris Sketchbook 5

Paris Sketchbook 6

Paris Sketchbook 8

Paris Sketchbook 9

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