Serene Photos of Paris in Reflection

Paris Joanna Lemanska 00

Using her iPhone 4s, Fujifilm x10 or a Nikon Coolpix, Joanna Lemanska captures the beauty of a city in reflection. It doesn’t matter if she is in Berlin, London or New York, her eye looks for the reflection in the image and when she sees it, she captures it. Currently Joanna is living in Paris, and through her time there she has created a pleasant series documenting the life in the vibrant city… as seen reflected in its pools and puddles of water.


While her daily work is as an art historian, her photographer name is MissCoolPics, and she has a steadily growing fan base. In exhibition titled ‘Cool Pics from Paris,’ her photos from France and Poland will be on view in Kyoto at the Gallery Yamashita until May 7. Regarding her reflective series, she says to HuffPost:

“First thing that I do when a see a potentially interesting reflective surface, like puddle, window, floor, is to look around and see if there is anything interesting enough that would reflect. Otherwise ‘doing reflection’ would become just a totally mechanical activity.I try to think a lot about the elements of the composition. It’s almost like playing with toys — I have various elements and I have to put myself in the best place possible to have the in the right composition.”

Paris Joanna Lemanska 1

Paris Joanna Lemanska 2

Paris Joanna Lemanska 3

Paris Joanna Lemanska 4

Paris Joanna Lemanska 5

Paris Joanna Lemanska 6

Paris Joanna Lemanska 7

Paris Joanna Lemanska 8

Paris Joanna Lemanska 11

Paris Joanna Lemanska 12

Paris Joanna Lemanska 13

Paris Joanna Lemanska

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