Children Daily Risking Their Lives for an Education


Next time you decide to complain about taking the bus to school, you might want to think again. In various parts of the world, some children go to extreme lengths to get to class. Stories about children walking long miles to get to school is already well documented, but did you ever hear about children risking their lives on the way? These images show a dangerous, yet unfortunately necessary, way that some kids get to an education.


In Sumatra, Indonesia, there used to be a reliable bridge that everyone could cross over the river (below). But since the bridge collapsed two years ago, everyone is forced to basically tightrope across the 30 ft pass. This bridge – including a 7 mile walk – is the daily trek for these Indonesian children. Due to heavy storms and floods there are other bridges such as this scattered around the country.

In the photos below we see narrow aqueducts dangerously crossed by children. They walk or bike on the small plank board as opposed to walking an additional 3 miles. Some kids cross rivers on inter tubes, not simply risking getting their books wet. There are high passes on cliffs in China and zip lining 400 meters above the ground in Colombia. Education is clearly important in these areas, and worth the risk to these kids and their parents; but with some help from local governments and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), there may soon be easier ways to get to school.












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