24 C.O.R.E. Projects Approved for Burning Man 2013

CORE Project Burning Man 11111

The “Circle of Regional Effigies,” better known as C.O.R.E., is a collaborative exhibition of art installations built from regional burning man communities around the world. Whether in France, China or Idaho, groups of “burners” come together to design, build, and eventually burn their effigy. The structures cannot exceed 20 ft by 20 ft (6.1 m by 6.1m) and must consist of mostly wood material. Typically, the designs for C.O.R.E. have some inspiration from symbols of a particular region. Last year, there was a longhorn bull from Houston, trees and clouds from Seattle and a Cod from Boston. Recently the C.O.R.E. installations for this year’s burn were approved… and there are some notable differences from last year.


One such difference is that more International regional groups are represented this year. In 2012, 34 C.O.R.E. projects were created by regional groups from only a few countries that included the States, Canada and the U.K. This year there will be 24 C.O.R.E. projects coming from 9 countries with new installations coming from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel and Lithuania. There will be 16 from the States. All of the pieces will surround the man and be lit up in flames simultaneously. This of course, is quite an event to witness. Some C.O.R.E. project proposals did get turned down unfortunately, yet there is chatter about creating another cluster somewhere else.

The C.O.R.E. projects are beautiful examples of bringing people, burner or not, together to create something for all to enjoy. After most of the week has passed, it is then time to bid the effigy adieu with smiles, tears and laughter. The Burning Man organization gives a small portion of financial support to these projects, so each individual group has to raise the additional funds to pay for materials, building space and transportation. Thousands of volunteer hours are easily put into each project. Crowd funding helps bring many projects to fruition, so check out their pages and campaigns if you feel led to assist in the effort. We have listed links to all their project sites below.

(Above: First House Project from the East Bay, Credit image: Leori Gill)

Temple of Times from Austin
CORE Project Burning Man 3

Hand of Inspiration from Israel
CORE Project Burning Man 4

The Year the Playa Stood Still from Minnesota
submit letter sizeMeditation from China / Taiwan
CORE Project Burning Man 1111

Stairway to Heaven from France
CORE Project Burning Man 7

Anti-Monument to DC Art Culture and Former President John Frum aka The DC Pyramid Scheme, from Washington DC
CORE Project Burning Man 12

PyscheDelicate Arch from Salt Lake City
CORE Project Burning Man 13

The Czech Oasis from the Czech Republic
CORE Project Burning Man 14

Playa Queen from Sacramento
CORE Project Burning Man 2013 _5

Starfish from San Diego
CORE Project Burning Man 2013 _8

CORE Project Burning Man 2013 _9

DutchMill from the Netherlands
CORE Project Burning Man 2013 _10
Marvin, The Vortexagon from Idaho
CORE Project Burning Man 20

Other approved projects to consider exploring:
Altar of the Wetlands: Recreating Nature in a Post-Industrial Society from New Orleans
Artifactuary from Vancouver
The Cargo Mother from Houston
Flor de Muerto – Flower of the Dead from Victoria
The Good, the Bad and the Naughty from Reno
Inchanted Forest from Indiana
Lituanica birds from Lithuania
Ludum Et Refugium from Portland
Source Maui “Kavai Ahi” from Maui
South Bay CORE from the South Bay
Star of the City from New York

If you considering going to Burning Man yourself, be sure to read on the Survival Guide to Burning Man.

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