Photographing Massive Jets From Below


For as long as he can remember, Jeffrey Milstein has loved everything related to aviation. As he grew up, he would frequently visit the Los Angeles International airport and watch the gigantic jets fly overhead. In the city of Los Angeles, the aircraft can fly quite low as they take off and land. As Jeffrey grew up he furthered his flying passion, obtaining his own pilots license at the young age of 17.


Now an adult and a professional photographer, Jeffrey is taking photos of the aircraft he sees flying overhead. As they fly over, he captures a shot from directly below – a revealing look at the shape and detailing on the belly of the many different aircraft. The project is called “Aircraft: The Jet as Art” and he has exhibited the series in such institutions as the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. and at the Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Regarding his series, Jeffrey says:

“They are an attempt to share my sense of wonder. Watching a mammoth Boeing 747 gracefully gliding overhead on the way to touch down never ceases to amaze me, but they are also a meditation on how technology can be a double-edged sword when things go wrong.”

To see more of Jeffrey Milsteins works, check out his website or one of his upcoming shows.












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