Moving Light Sculptures by Mihoko Ogaki


Where do we go after we die? Is there an another life after this one? Will we be reborn? Inspired by these ideas of life, death, and rebirth, Japanese artist Mihoko Ogaki has created some amazing works. For the past few years she has created an ongoing series of sculptures that illuminate. The ongoing project is called “Milky Ways” and the pieces were just currently displayed at the MORI YU Gallery in Tokyo. [see_also]

The figures are constructed using Fibre-reinforced plastic and are shaped into forms of a dead or dying person. The sculptures are then punctured carefully with thousands of holes and are embedded with bright LED lights. The result illuminates the figure as if galaxies of stars are within its body and shining out. When combining with a dark room for installation, the project is moving as the “starlight” shines throughout the entire room. Learn more of Ogaki’s work on her website.










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