Spellbinding Bodyscapes by Angelo Musco


When Angelo Musco came into this world in 1973, it wasn’t easy. Staying in his mother’s womb for 11 months, he weighed an astonishing 14 pounds upon coming out. Thought to be dead at first, there was shock and confusion amongst his mother and the midwife… angelo was alive, but not without complication. He acquired Erb’s Palsy, which diminishes the function of one side of the body. As Angelo grew up and became a contemporary artist, his fascination revolved around the story of his birth and the miracle of procreation. It would serve as the chief inspirations in his work.


In his compositions of the human body, themes of confinement, subterranean worlds, nest like structures and egg shapes provide strong influences, while the power of people gathering together works its way into all of his creative processes. He photographs nude models from a ladder above, and as his models pose on a green background, he carefully dictates how he wants them to be arranged. He says of the process: “It’s like being an old lady, knitting a pattern in wool, There is always a degree of imperfection.”

In the post production phase, Angelo and his assistants go to work. Some of his pieces can be as big as 40 feet long (12.2 m) and 12 feet tall (3.65m). For his elaborate forest themed piece titled “Xylem,” it took him and two of his assistants 2 years to complete. Positioning thousands of bodies to form the whole proves to be a long process, but it is rewarding. His works are simply amazing and display the beauty of being human in a unique way.

Angelo is the subject of a new documentary titled “Conception,” which is coming out this Fall. He will also have a solo show at acte2galerie in Paris, opening April 11, 2013. To see more of his work, visit his website.











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