Crystalline Architecture from Mattia Mognetti

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 1

Looking like microscopic images of the molecular world, these intriguing images are composed of modern buildings, folded, extruded and repeated into a kaleidoscope of glass, cement and steel based beauty. But, if you think these fascinatingly manipulated buildings seem smart, you should know something about their creator: he knows Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience and is passionate about art – his name is Mattia Mognetti.


Strongly influenced by his studies, Mognetti’s manipulated photographs follow strictly set personal guidelines: he doesn’t warp the forms of the buildings he captures, instead relying on their original angles, dark vignetting and cropping which focuses us in on their captivating angles. Here, in his series Istigkeit, his marvelous geometric forms transform the gigantic shapes into something almost jewel-like and small in appearance. Frequently the images are simpler than expected when we closely inspect them, showing Mognetti’s deft skill at selecting the perfect angle to best represent his forms.

His other projects are no less fascinating. In AbstrAct he focuses on new architecture in Milan, shot from extreme angles, rotated out of sync with our normal view and sharply cropped against a stark black background. In Surfacing, modern textural surfaces aptly take center stage, again skewed out of our ordinary viewing angle, the forms take on a new and striking character. See more of Mattia Mognetti’s photography at

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 2

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 3

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 4

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 5

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 7

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 8

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 9

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 10

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 11

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 12

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 13

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 14

Mattia Mognetti Istigkeit 15

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