That’s Not a Chair, It’s a Paper Sculpture

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 1

You might be surprised if you plop down on the comfortable looking classic armchair pictured above; that’s because it’s made entirely out of thin sheets of paper. These exquisitely crafted sculptures from Los Angeles based artist Vincent Tomczyk seem to break all the rules of possibility, representing objects from a soft white dress shirt, to an iconic Eames chair with almost perfect accuracy. His gossamer creations are beautiful to behold. Tomczyk explains the thoughts behind his work and its origins:

My art centers on objects to stimulate visceral connections. These compositions represent biographies of people, experiences and interpretations of intangible ideas. Although my work can be categorized as realism, my intention is to distill the emotion of an object, then through expression, reconstruct it into my view of its essential self – free of function.

As an artist working primarily with paper, my art requires me to be part craftsman and part engineer. I learned a lot about how to construct things by working at my father’s side, in his workshop. I’m compelled to produce work that is visually poetic by using a medium that defies perceived limitations.


Tomczyk is now working on a series of paper chairs, three of which you can see here. His study of the ubiquitous objects looks to explore the way they can take on the characteristics of their owners. We’re excited to see how the series progresses. For more of these fascinating works, head to

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 2

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 3

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 4

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 5

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 6

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 7

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 8

Vincent Tomczyk Paper Sculptures 9

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