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What does Seaweed say when it’s stuck at the bottom of the sea? “Kelp! Kelp!” If you’ve ever eaten Laffy Taffy, then you know there are lots of silly sea jokes, but what’s not funny is the damage that humans are causing to our most mysterious ecosystem. Underwater photographer Jason Isley sees this first hand, so he decided to bring some toys along with him to capture it firsthand. He creates comical scenes, like a sea slug getting a speeding ticket, along with some showcasing more serious environmental concerns, like ghost nets, litter, and fish bombing. Although he does occasionally brighten some images with Photoshop, the miniature scenes are actually set up underwater. Isley is the co-founder of ScubaZoo, a Malaysian underwater filming and photography company.


In an interview with Wetpixel, Isley was asked what made him decide to start this series and he explained:

“I was completely bored with macro photography, most people are, which is why snoots and diopters are used – to spice up the macro. I was looking for something completely different, something that would create a response. I came across the work of Christopher Boffoli and Slinkachu who had both used miniatures in still-life sets and suddenly thought ‘what if you actually shot them with living creatures?”

He plans on compiling his images into a book, which will hopefully make non-amphibious people see the environmental destruction that most divers are familiar with. See more of his images on Flickr and check out the rest of his interview here. You can also follow ScubaZoo on Twitter.

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↬ WetPixel

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