Watercolor Artist Seeks to Help the Poor With Her Art


Andrea Krook is an aspiring watercolor artist with a tender heart. Focused on serving those with the greatest need, she has served as a “child-ambassador” for the global relief and development organization World Vision. Based in Seattle, Andrea paints what is most dear to her.

On a trip to Kenya with her church, she witnessed firsthand some of the harsh realities in the slums of the country. Unafraid, she boldly set up her art supplies and started painting the daily life revolving around the slum in Soweto. In her work, she purposely did not make the faces of the children in the slum visible: this was to communicate a message to the world of the ignorance that is unfortunately commonplace in considering their needs. Quoted from World Vision magazine, Andrea says:

“I left out each face because I feel Americans often ignore Africa—and anyone, for that matter, living in poverty. We look the other way.”

She also likes to paint other subjects such as the famous Pike Place market in Seattle, images of Jesus in various settings, and her cat. Specializing in portraits, people, and animals, she wants her art to tell a story, but more importantly, to express the importance of faith and justice. To see more of Andrea’s work, check out her personal website.


Tulips at Parson's Garden, 2007

Pike's Place Market 3 With Potatoes, 2008

Pike's Place Market 4 With Oranges, 2008

Pike's Place Market 5 With Garlic, 2008

Pike's Place Market 2 With Corn, 2007

Art from the Heart- Andrea Krook

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