Fluorescent Animals Painted On Celestial Maps

1 Louise McNaught

“In my world the animals are God-like, sublime and ethereal in their luminescence” states London-based artist Louise McNaught. Though all of her work shares a common faunal theme, each piece is refreshing and bold. She chooses neon acrylic coloring so that the viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn in awe to the beautiful creature before them. By elevating the status of animals in her work, McNaught hopes to inspire people to think about mankind’s delicate relationship with nature.


McNaught explains,

“In the process of creating my work I begin with a fairly plain background or support, perhaps of just one colour, this creates an imaginary, numinous space for the creatures to exist. I want to draw the viewers attention to the animals presence and energy, so they feel connected to it. I tend to use neon or metallic paint to depict the animals as it makes them look like they are shining from within. I build the work up in thin layers of paint, so it slowly reveals itself to me as it comes into being.”

To view more vivid pieces by this talented artist, check out her website LouiseMcNaught.com, Society6, and Tumblr. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter and purchase her works on DegreeArt. Scroll to the bottom to watch a time lapse video of Louise creating her stunning zebra piece.

2 Louise McNaught

3 Louise McNaught

4 Louise McNaught

5 Louise McNaught

6 Louise McNaught

7 Louise McNaught

8 Louise McNaught

9 Louise McNaught

10 Louise McNaught

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