Dangerously Close to the Edge: Fearless Self-Portraits


Those seriously afraid of heights may want to look away. Photographer Ahn Jun goes to great heights, literally, to get the most perfect shots for her death defying series titled “Self-Portrait.” Although it would be fairly simple to photoshop a project like this, the artist insists that these are the real deal. The Korean photographer has been adding on to this collection since 2008, making her way to some of the tallest buildings in New York City, Hong Kong, and Seoul. To get the best picture, the fearless Jun sets up her camera to drive mode then gets in position and chooses the shot where she looks the most at ease or aggressive- never fearful.


In an interview with The British Journal of Photography, Jun explained,

“There was a day when I recalled my adolescent years, I was sitting on the edge of my apartment in New York and looking over the cityscape. I had a thought that suddenly my youth was coming to an end and I could not figure out the future. I sat on the edge and looked down. Then I saw the empty space, the void, and there was a sudden change in my perspective on life and death, present and future. The vision of the cityscape I was witnessing was not real for that moment – I felt the illusion of beautiful buildings was just like the future, or an ideal that we can never reach, but which surrounds us. Then I looked down and saw that what I was actually standing on was empty space. It was ‘the present’ for me. So I took a picture of my feet and that was the start of my project.”

Jun is currently working on a Ph.D in Photography from Hongik University. See more daring, dangerous self-portraits on Ahn Jun’s website.












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