Visual Bits #388> Innovative Creations Come To Life

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Bracelet controller commands through gestures

The Neural Interaction Lab’s BMI picks up electrical signals and transmits them to distant objects (WOW!)

A mash-up inspired by Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror using Google Glasses

A Million Times installation by Humans Since 1982

The Paper Sculptures of Irving Harper

Oups! Turns You Into Your Own Cartoon Character By Using An Interactive Program

West Side Saber

Lord Of The Rings Bag End Bonsai Tree

Ben Bunch’s Colorful Contraptions

Instagram Camera From Polaroid

“Walkers” Photograph By Jarod Kearny

Bat Mobile Monster Truck

Lead Image: Steve Casino Transforms Peanuts into Awesome Pop Culture Portraits

For more art make an add request for the Facebook group Artsy!

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