Underwater Sculptures on Our Oceanic Trash Problem

I’ve recently been staying in the most unusual of homes – one which some might not even consider a home at all – it’s a canal boat in London. It is a picturesque place to live, one which you can travel the countryside upon and see different things from the windows daily. It’s also cold, damp and small on a snowy winter day… unless you keep the tiny fireplace stoked well. But all these things were expected before I started this type of living. What wasn’t expected? The mass profusion of garbage that floats down the canals surrounding me. Dock for only a day in one place and your boat acts as a dam for all the refuse of the waterway… quickly surrounding your cozy home with less than welcome scenery. Later it all floats downstream into the open ocean.


The work brought to you here addresses this issue, looking at a world full of discarded objects, mostly artificially produced, which find their way into our earths waterways and oceans to slowly decay over many lifetimes. Under the name Forlane 6 Studio, scuba diving artists Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez have been creating dynamic underwater sculptures out of plastic streamers, garden furniture, old clothing, and bottles – many times pumping air through to create bubble driven motions. Submerged, the objects lose their lifeless plastic appearance and make a metamorphosis into what look like living organic creatures. As they put it, “this weightless and slow aesthetic contradicts the usual way objects are consumed and disposed of in an inconsiderate speed.”

The duo’s work is inspired by the work of visual artist Roman Signer as well as the underwater photographs of Susanna Majuri. They are currently seeking residencies and commissions in aquariums or dive resorts where they can install permanent versions of their work for all to enjoy and ponder. Find more of their moving pieces at forlane6studio.com and follow them on Twitter.

Forlane 6 Studio Air Spray

Forlane 6 Studio Laundry 2

Forlane 6 Studio Posidonia 2

Forlane 6 Studio Laundry

Forlane 6 Studio Takeoff

Forlane 6 Studio Posidonia 3

Forlane 6 Studio Posidonia 5

Forlane 6 Studio Posidonia 6

Forlane 6 Studio Posidonia 10

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