Serene Digital Illustrations by Liza Van Rees

Liza Van Rees 1

In the town of Roermond in Southern Holland is an artist by the name of Liza van Rees. Not much is known about her except that she focuses on creating graphic images of women who symbolize and produce a serene type of ambiance. Still in university, Liza creates and illustrates the images digitally and focuses on the conceptual elements in her work. To see all of her illustrated works you can visit her website, behance page and facebook. [see_also]

Liza Van Rees 2

Liza Van Rees 3

Liza Van Rees 4

Liza Van Rees 6

Liza Van Rees 7

Liza Van Rees 9

Liza Van Rees 10

Liza Van Rees 11

Liza Van Rees 12

via behance

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