Incredibly Detailed Bic Pen Drawings

1 Erik de Haan

With his trusty blue bic pen, Erik de Haan creates intricate drawings- many of which become tattoos. The 38 year old artist from the Netherlands has been drawing for as long as he can remember, but after his travels around the world- to Central America, Meico, Thailand and Laos- are constantly impacting his approach to art. Thailand particularly left a lasting impression on his style and he returned several times, then ventured to Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. The majority of his work features ancient forms “ancient forms and figures in a mixture with his own ideas and masks.”


The influence of Southeast Asia is evident in his works, yet the amount of detail he is able to convey with just a blue bic is unfathomable. Aside from his pen drawing, Erik de Haan also paints his unique figures on canvas with acrylics. Check it out on his website. You can also follow Erik on Tumblr and Instagram.

2 Erik de Haan

3 Erik de Haan

4 Erik de Haan

5 Erik de Haan

6 Erik de Haan

7 Erik de Haan

8 Erik de Haan

9 Erik de Haan

10 Erik de Haan

11 Erik de Haan

12 Erik de Haan

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