Voice Over: A Tragedy with a Twist


In this award winning short film we get far more than one tragedy – we get three for the price of one. Voice Over, an award winning short from French director Martin Rosete and screenwriter Luiso Berdejo follows these three stories with heart and mind wrenching intensity, weaving together a story which is at once entertaining and difficult to watch… but one which ultimately pays off with moving elegance.


The three seemingly disconnected events happen in different places and times: a spacecraft crashes into an unknown planet, a soldier is maimed in a WWI battle, and a fisherman’s boat capsizes. The three are left struggling for life, alone with the challenge and set against seemingly impossible odds. Will they make it? Is all that we see just as it seems? This film makes sure to surprise us at each twist and turn.

The film was the winner at the Chicago International Film Festival, an official Selection at the Tribeca Film Festival, and named one of the best films of 2012 on Vimeo. Watch, enjoy and see why.

Voice Over 1

Voice Over 2

Voice Over 3

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