Visualizing the Russian Meteor Blast


For those that missed it (and considering the massive impact few could), a huge meteorite hit earth last week in Russia. In the land of the dash camera, videos far and wide captured the very rare event in its full shining glory – a missile like streak through the sky and an incredible window breaking crash following soon after. For the Russian population the event was one that stirred memories of the not so distant past, one of the tree flattening Tunguska event in Siberia just over 100 years ago. That blast was the largest impact event on earth in recorded history.


So how does this latest impact measure up? put together this infographic to explore this latest blast, looking at factors like the meteorites initial size, the locations of the two blasts, and a comparison of other impacts in our solar system. Perhaps the most sobering fact they note: there was no warning of the impending impact. Being much smaller than currently tracked objects in space, scientists are saying that we may not have any warning for events of this size in the near future… it’s just something we have to live with.



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