Test Tube Chandeliers Inspired By Marie Curie

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Test tubes are no longer just for the laboratory with this innovative new home design. Pani Jurek, a designer from Poland, has created a simple, yet awesome chandelier using plywood, a bulb, and lots of test tubes. The coolest part about the design is that the possibilities are endless- put different colored liquids in each tube for every holiday, keep it lively with little plant specimens or flowers, show off your dead insect collection, etc. Jurek created a one-tiered and a two-tiered version of this design; I would have loved to have one in my science classroom. The plant displays look beautiful and each flower gets its own little water supply to keep it alive.


Born in 1979, Pani Jurek graduated painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She is fascinated with light and design and was inspired by fellow Polish woman Marie Curie to make this creation. She also works with Edyta Ołdak to carry out social projects in the Warsaw, designing systems and revitalizing damaged objects. Read more about her on Polish website gangdesign.

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