Intricate Paper Sculptures of Cities


There are many beautiful cities in the world and the way their existence came to be tells a story. There are cities that were built around water, some that were built on hills and some built after the invention of the automobile. All of these factors contribute in part to the development of a city. London based artist Matthew Picton, creates many works revolving around the “city grid.” His latest work, “Paper Sculptures” displays 3D grids of cities such as Tehran, San Francisco and Jerusalem.


On his website, it is quoted that “cities are often described as living organisms; viewed as subject rather than object.” Picton uses unique material to bring a certain sort of life to his works. For instance, his San Francisco sculpture is made out of burnt video covers of the film, San Francisco 1936; his Dresden piece is made of the music score of Wagner’s Ring cycle; and his Venice city sculpture is made from excerpts of Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice. Creative and unique, Picton has been a professional artist since 1998 and has had his work displayed in The De Young Museum, San Francisco, The Herbert Museum of Art, Coventry UK, and The Fidelity Bank collection, London UK. Check out more of his work here.

Above: City of San Francisco
Below: Las Vegas
matthew-picton 5






Mexico City

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