Vibrant GIFS That Will Show You Another World


If you like visual sensory overload, then you will love these bright animated GIFs by Yuriy Mironoff. In this series, the artist/illustrator/animator, who is based in Kiev, Ukraine, brings tribal figures to life with vibrant, colorful animation. If you listen to the music at the bottom of the post while you gaze through the collection the creatures will appear to dance to the beat.


In an interview with the Daily Dot, Mironoff said:

“GIF is the most interesting format of my Tumblr generation. It is available to everyone who has got [a] computer. That makes it an integral part of modern Internet culture. For me, as an artist, it brings life to my creatures. I think that magazines and books will use GIFs as a common visual language. There will be more and more artists using GIFs as mediators between [the] world and themselves.”

Check him out on Tumblr, Behance, Twitter, and Flickr.

4 MiRon

2 MiRon

3 MiRon

5 MiRon

6 MiRon

7 MiRon

8 MiRon

9 MiRon

10 MiRon

11 MiRon

12 MiRon

13 MiRon

14 MiRon

15 MiRon

16 MiRon

17 MiRon

18 MiRon

19 MiRon

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