Art Through the Ages: One Artist’s Progression

2 years old

Sometimes when we see amazing art it’s easy to just think “oh that person must be really gifted” but this progression gives hope that maybe anybody can create beautiful art if they are willing to put in the effort. Marc Allante has been making art since he could pick up a crayon and shared with Reddit an album showcasing a piece of art from almost every year from age 2 to his current 25 years of age. Each year his art grows a little more technical and then diverges into his unique style. It’s really awesome to see this artist’s journey laid out in picture form and would be interesting to see the childhood works from other highly regarded artists too.


Although all of these pieces are more advanced than I was at each age, the highest skill level I’ve reached is Marc’s at age 9, but it gives me hope that if I pursue it, there’s a chance I might be able to catch up to his work at age 11. Marc Allante is of French and Chinese descent and currently makes his art out of Hong Kong. To see more of his work, follow him on Facebook and support him by purchasing pieces on Society6.

Above image done at age 2 and below image done at 3:
3 years old

4 years of age
4 years old

5 years of age
5 years old

6 years of age
6 years old

7 years of age
7 years old

8 years of age
8 years old

9 years of age
9 years old

10 years of age
10 years old

11 years of age
11 years old

13 years of age
13 years old

14 years of age
14 years old

15 years of age
15 years old

16 years of age
16 years old

17 and 18 years of age
17 and 18 years old

19 years of age
19 years old

20 years of age
20 years old

22 years of age
22 years old

23 years of age
23 years old

24 years of age
24 years old

25 years of age
25 years old


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