Reality Remixed: Photography by Bence Bakonyi

Bence Bakonyi Photography 2

Young and talented, Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi is making a name for himself through strikingly crisp and realistic images with a surreal twist. His style emphasizes locations carefully chosen for their bright and uniform color palettes. In his series Transform, he takes this concept to the limit, matching his subjects clothing perfectly to the hues and shapes of the world that surrounds them. Often, objects in the scene are frozen in motion or suspended; impossibly floating in center stage. His works give one the feeling they are witnessing the normal world with heightened senses – catching the small moments and tiny details that create uniqueness and beauty.


Bakonyi received a degree in photography at Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. He now resides in a far different local than his native Hungary – finding new inspiration living in Shanghai China. Besides the personal work we have featured here, he has a number of highly fashionable client based projects – none of which stray from the perfection that is found in his own. You can find more about Bakonyi on Behance, his personal blog or at

Bence Bakonyi Photography 1

Bence Bakonyi Photography 3

Bence Bakonyi Photography 4

Bence Bakonyi Photography 5

Bence Bakonyi Photography 6

Bence Bakonyi Photography 7

Bence Bakonyi Photography 8

Bence Bakonyi Photography 9

Bence Bakonyi Photography 10

Via: Behance

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