Speed Painter Makes Painting in Minute and a Half


If you have a minute and a half, you should check out this video of artist D. Westry speed painting. As part of the Anderson Cooper talent show, he completed a painting in 90 seconds and the video of him doing so is now going viral. A pioneer in the speed painting movement, D. Westry paints patriotic, celebrity portraits, custom images, themes and corporate brands live in front of audiences. Most of his paintings take 4-6 minutes while a musical composition is played in the background.


Westry began his art in the 1970’s as a child prodigy and continued developing his work through the 80’s and 90’s. He won many awards with his performances and became most well known for his “upside down” painting technique, which is featured in this video on Anderson Cooper. To learn more of the speed painter D. Westry, check out his website here.



via mashable

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