Love is in the Cloud: Use Pinterest to Score on A Gift


Valentine’s Day is rarely the stuff dreams are made of, and usually has more of a sink-or-swim aesthetic to it. The stress of planning a perfect outing causes borderline paralysis. You knew the day was coming for weeks, mostly because you’ve seen the candy aisles at Target light up with pink, red, and white. Your significant other was dropping hints about what they wanted like it was going out-of-style. But, you were too busy wondering which was in more dire need of being replenished — your socks or underwear — and didn’t pay heed to any of these signs. This graphic has complied the best apps to help you figure out how to impress your significant other because in our modern time, love is in the cloud.

The thought of forgetting a romantic day like this will cause your heart to skip a beat or send chills down your spine. Who are we kidding? It’ll most likely be both, and if you forget, the wrath of a woman scorned is nothing to scoff at. Statistics show that our significant others prefer an experience – 82% – when celebrating the most romantic holiday in the world. These apps will help you plan an experience that will knock her socks off, and hopefully get you some sucky-sucky this Valentine’s Day.

Unsure of what to get your girl for Valentine’s Day? Then look no further than lurking her Pinterest account for that perfect gift. The chances are high that your date has a Pinterest account, and they’ve catalogued multiple gifts that would be perfect for you to get for them. Sometimes, its just too easy. The only problem is that she might think you’re a mind reader, which could backfire terribly for you in the future.

There are tons of other apps featured in the graphic, which you can view full-sized by clicking here or the image below.


via: PGi

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