A Cruel World: Overweight Woman Captures Stares

1 Haley Morris Cafiero

We live in a society that engrains in us the idea that pointing out flaws in others can make us feel better about ourselves, which is why Honey Boo Boo and People Of Walmart are so popular. But constantly comparing ourselves to one another rather than embracing the good in everyone leads us to feel detached from humanity and always wanting more. We’ve all felt insecure when a stranger looks at us the wrong way, but for some people this is an everyday occurrence. Memphis-based photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero knows first hand how cruel this world can be, but she has used it to her advantage to create this thought-provoking collection called Wait Watchers. She states, “I have always been aware of people making faces, commenting and laughing at me about my size. I now reverse the gaze and record their reactions to me while I perform mundane tasks in public spaces.”


Haley Morris-Cafiero is an Associate Professor and Head of the Photography Department at Memphis College of Art. You can read more about this project on PetaPixel and see more images from Wait Watchers and another project called Something to Weigh which inspired this one on her website. I hope this collection receives a lot of attention so that the people who do this realize that their stares and snickers do not go unnoticed, and maybe in the future, more people will look for the beauty in someone by talking to them, rather than staring at their bodies or trying to snap a picture when they are not looking.

2 Haley Morris Cafiero

3 Haley Morris Cafiero

4 Haley Morris Cafiero

5 Haley Morris Cafiero

6 Haley Morris Cafiero

7 Haley Morris Cafiero

8 Haley Morris Cafiero

9 Haley Morris Cafiero

10 Haley Morris Cafiero

Via: Petapixel.com

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