Uncommon Wellness Tips that Should be More Common


Being healthy is becoming more important. Foods are over processed, we’re working longer hours, sleeping less, and sitting is killing us. Many of us realize we need to change our ways, but sometimes we try to do too much at once and just end up spinning our wheels and staying in place. One idea is to try not to do too much at once, and take getting healthy one step at a time. This graphic by WellnessFx shows you uncommon wellness tips that should be more common, and how by adding these healthy tricks to your repertoire one at a time is the best way to go.

Get more rest. It seems ludicrous that people would have to be told this one, but breaking through a thick skull can be a lot harder than you think. When you get more sleep you’ll also be boosting weight loss, again a happier heart, lower diabetes, enjoy higher productivity, have fewer mood swings, and reduce stress levels. Getting enough REM is a crucial part of a good night’s rest. If you disrupt it beware; not enough REM leaves you groggy regardless of when the alarm goes off. Pro tip: Falling asleep at the same time every night will help you fall into a proper sleep cycle. Try to stop drinking alcohol 2 hours before bedtime, and we know its a stretch, but not using your computer, tablet and mobile phone an hour before bed is key. The blue light from their screens reduces you melatonin and makes it harder to catch those Zzzz’s.

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WellnessFx-Biomakers-Infographicvia: WellnessFX


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