Torn Up Magazines Become Classic Art

vik muniz Starry Night, after Van Gogh

Using the torn pages of old magazines, Brooklyn-based artist Vik Muniz recreates classic paintings in a pointillist style. From afar it would be hard to tell that these pieces are not actually by their original artists- Van Gogh, Cézanne, Edouard Manet, Mary Cassatt, and Caravaggio- but as you look closely you can see the faces and objects from the pages of the magazines. Originally from Sao Paolo Brazil, Muniz keeps art interesting using unexpected tools like puzzle pieces, thread, jam, chocolate, ketchup, dust, toys, pigments, and sugar to create unique pieces. I would imagine seeing one of these up close in person would be even more magnificent. Muniz has had his work on exhibition all over the world, even showing at the MET and Whitney Museum in NYC. Check out more of his work in Galerie Xippas and his impressive bio on his website.


vik muniz A Bar at Folies bergères, after Edouard Manet

vik muniz Boy Blowing Bubbles, after Edouard Manet

vik muniz Green Monkey, after George Stubbs

vik muniz Portrait of Adeline Ravoux, after Van Gogh

vik muniz Sick Bacchus, after Caravaggio

vik muniz The Card Players, after Cézanne

vik muniz A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, after Georges Seurat

Via: dawnawakened

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