Bay Bridge Gets an Animated LED Light Display

The Bay Lights Leo Villareal 1

In the California Bay area, one bridge has always outshone the rest: the Golden Gate. With its signature red color and prime location at the entrance to the bay, it’s hard to imagine any of the other bridges in the area outshining it… that is until now. The Bay Lights project promises to change the face of another massive bridge in the area, the Bay Bridge, giving one side a massive 25,000 LED light makeover.

The installation, which is scheduled to launch March 5, will illuminate the bridge for the next two years, giving residents and visitors to the bay a whole new bridge to enjoy. The design, created by renowned light sculptor Leo Villareal, is surprisingly designed to better connect the bridge to its natural environment. The massive double-level bridge has an industrially styled grey design – but now it will be covered with an algorithm-driven system designed to make it blend with the energy of the city: the flow of water, cars, ships, and wildlife. The as-of-yet untested design is programmed to never repeat in its two year tenure on the bridge.

“I am interested in augmenting what already exists,” Villareal recently told Co.Design. “I have tremendous respect for the site and want to create something that feels integrated and appropriate. My interest is in creating a focal point for communal experience that highlights one of the icons of the Bay Area.”

See the animated artist rendering of what the bridge will look like (below), then head to for more.

The Bay Lights Leo Villareal 2

The Bay Lights Leo Villareal 3


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