Documenting Life- One Second at a Time

Cesar Kuriyama

Do you ever look back at photos from a trip and wonder why you took so many? Did you really enjoy everything as much as you could have if you weren’t trying to document it all? Do you look at the times in between travel and events and realize you barely have any photos and can hardly remember what you’ve done. In this inspirational TED talk, director Cesar Kuriyama, who documented his 30th year one second each day, and received viral attention, shares why he started this project and why he hopes to continue it for as long as he lives.


While through social media sharing platforms such as Facebook and Instagram most people share images of the highlights of their lives- a new baby, a sparkly engagement ring, a gourmet meal, etc. in an attempt to paint the best picture of happiness, but we all know that’s not always the case. The moments that make us unhappy are just as valuable- if not more- to our growth as the moments when everything seems perfect. Kuriyama included the ups and downs of his year to represent what his year was really like. After seeing this project, so many people wanted to start documenting their own lives one second at a time that Kuriyama decided to create an app that makes it even easier. With the help of Kickstarter, his funding goal was nearly tripled, so the app is now in the process of being made!


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