Digital Jailhouse Illustrations by Felipe Luchi

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These illustrations were created for a print campaign in Go Outside Magazine, and portray the current digital landscape in bleaker terms than we’re all used to seeing. Digital advancement is coveted and hailed on major news outlets all across the web. Each day, people are encouraged to create the next big: social network, music site, mobile app technology, or inspired to integrate technology into a current service – like the Uber town car service in San Francisco. While it can be seen that technology is advancing our lives, is anyone stopping to look at how we’re also becoming prisoners to it as well? These digital jailhouse illustrations by Felipe Luchi explore this idea, and allow us to take a hard look at what we’re really getting ourselves into.

Having access to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on our smartphones has brought the age of connectivity to astounding heights, but they’re also sequestering us into our own prefab digital jailhouses.

When you go out to eat, people are sharing their food and experiences all across the web, interacting with people who aren’t there, and others who might even be waking up on the other side of the planet. Notifications are jolting our phones to life and distracting us from conversations and in-person interactions. With each new “like” on our status updates or photos, our newfound sense of self-esteem has never felt so good.

The web is going through a renaissance of beautification, with design playing a key role in how we interact with the Internet. All these shiny new websites are attracting our eyeballs to their content like we’ve spotted a hundred dollar bill abandoned — cold and alone — lazily waving to us from the sidewalk. We can’t stop ourselves from looking/picking them up.

Are these distractions giving us a destination that we will soon become a prisoner to?

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via: Digg & Felipe Luchi

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