Music Video Shows MRI of Artist while Singing

SIVU 2 (1)

In this video directed & edited By Adam Powell, British music artist Sivu goes into an MRI machine, singing his song “Better Man Than He” for an unconventional kind of film. Inspired by the work of a small London Charity called CLEFT, who research children born with cleft palate and lips at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, the artist became “obsessed with the idea of capturing images without conventional cameras/lenses – This seemed like a perfect opportunity to capture something somewhat unique and take a glimpse into an amazing & fascinating world.” With the help of Doctors Marc E. Miquel & Andrew D Scott this music video was made possible. Watching the tongue and brain move as Sivu sings is completely mesmerizing and I’ve been walking around with this cool song stuck in my head ever since.


I’m not sure if my assessment of the song is correct, but the vibe that I got from the song paired with the MRI scanning is that we would all look the same under that MRI scanner and we are all made up of the same atoms that come from the same universe, so there is no such thing as being “better than he”- or anyone else. That message would be rad, but whatever it is, the song is really soothing and I really dig his other song too. It always amazes me how much talent is out there that often goes unnoticed. If this were a Radiohead video it would have already had millions of views, which I think this video deserves for the concept alone plus the music is awesome. Be sure to head over to Sivu’s Facebook page and listen to his music from Soundcloud below.

SIVU 2 (2)

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