Star Wars Uncut: A Crowdsourced Sequel

Star Wars Uncut

If you’re a die hard Star Wars fan, then you’ve probably heard of- or possibly even participated in- the 2010 Emmy winning crowdsourced project Star Wars Uncut:A New Hope. Created by Casey Pugh, who also created the Vimeo player that we love so dearly, Star Wars Uncut is a collective remake of Star Wars IV: A New Hope by over thousands of fans from more than 30 countries. Casey Pugh divided the movie into 15 second clips and allowed fans to reserve a scene to re-enact. The project went viral and within a month all of the scenes were taken and once submitted, it was time for Bryan Pugh and Aaron Valdez to stitch it all together.


Less than a week ago @starwarsuncut announced on Twitter that they have received a submission for every scene of their latest project Empire Uncut but there is still time to participate. LucasFilms even congratulated them for the project. Watch some of my favorite clips below and the director’s cut of the original, then head over to their website to see more. Follow them on Twitter to find out when the latest project will be released.

“Trying to fix the Falcon”, Star Wars Uncut Scene 112 by Jack Rossi

“Swamp monster swallows Artoo”, Star Wars Uncut Scene 166 by Tyler Nicolson

“What if he doesn’t survive?”, Star Wars Uncut Scene 374 by Karlos Velásquez

Vader hatches – Empire Strikes Back Uncut – Scene 84 by Malcolm Sutherland

“Luke drops everything!”, Star Wars Uncut Scene 302 by Malcolm Sutherland

Star Wars Uncut Scene 331 by Jeff Victor

Star Wars Uncut Scene 141 by Jordan Voth

“Luke has an idea”, Star Wars Uncut Scene 123 by Alex Engelmann

“Luke whines like a baby”, Star Wars Uncut Scene 439 by Andrew K

Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut

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